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New Modification P272 Profile Class 05-08 meters

New Modification P272 Profile Class 05-08 meters – this is a mandatory industry-wide change and will be implemented by all suppliers.

There is a new modification (P272) which is part of an amendment to the Balancing and Settlement Code (rules which define the balancing of electricity in the UK market).

This change will affect non-half hourly (NHH) profile class 05-08 meters that have automatic meter readings (AMR) – these meters will be settled on actual half hourly (HH) consumption data which ensures more accurate meter reads and also means that customers will have the opportunity to take control of their energy usage and lower consumption.

To b compliant, NHH 05-08 meters are required to have a change of measurement class, changing the meter type to HH so that the meter can be settled on HH consumption.

Once a NHH meter is changed over to HH, a Meter Operator (MOP) will need to be appointed to maintain and run the meter.

All new and renewing meters are required to be migrated within 45 days of registration.

Ofgem has given the industry an implementation deadline of 31st March 2017.

  • Any newly agreed contract that starts after 5th November 2015 will need to be switched to HH within 45 days subject to advanced metering being installed.
  • Any contract that starts prior to 5th November 2015 will need to be switched to HH by the end of March 2017


What is Professional Energy Purchasing Doing?

We will be informing all of our customers of the changes if this applicable to their meters.   We will be working with suppliers to organise new contracts and facilitate seamless hand over of the changes.

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