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Market Update – April 2018

Market Commentary – What Happened in March?
The ‘Beast from the East’ lingered on as the cold weather re-surfaced even as we moved into Spring and the Easter holidays. The plunging temperatures sustained the demand for gas in the UK, although there was no repeat of the Gas Supply Deficit warning issued by National Grid in February (the first of its kind).
Gas prices have now softened a little on the back of forecasts for warmer weather, together with additional LNG deliveries. Oil prices have continued to fluctuate and the main focus in the next few weeks will be on the potential trade war between the U.S. and China.
Professional Energy Purchasing Ltd. are looking for the most opportune moment for our clients to renew their contracts in 2018 and are already obtaining indicative offers for all renewals to the end of this year. We will then be in the best position to sign off contracts as we move towards the Summer when the markets are predicted to soften further.

Pricing Trends

1 Year Historic Prices - NBP and Baseload

1 Year Historic Prices – NBP and Baseload

Industry Update

Climate Change Levy rates are set to increase considerably from 1st April 2019. The rate on gas is due to increase from 0.203p to 0.339p per kWh (up 67%) and on electricity from 0.583 to 0.847p per kWh (up 45%). We can check if you are eligible for any CCL reductions or exemptions, and as CCL is consumption based we can also offer energy audits to highlight areas where savings can be made.


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