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Electricity Market Reform (EMR)

The following post was published with permission from EON.

A couple of months ago EON issued a fact sheet about it’s approach to Electricity Market Reform (EMR). The details are as follows:

What EMR means for EON’s customers
From 1 August 2014 EON has built EMR costs in to new electricity contracts for all B2B customers with a contract that goes beyond April 2015.

However, many B2B customers already have contracts agreed before 1 August 2014 which run past April 2015. EON is being open and honest with their Corporate customers and letting them know that EON will need to pass through EMR costs and that EON will write to them again when we have more detail. Please be assured that these charges are a result of the new legislation only, EON has never re-opened contracts due to an error in our forecasts and EON takes pride in that.

Who are EON writing to?
EON is only writing to affected customers (Corporates customers that agreed a contract before 1 August 2014 which goes beyond April 2015). EON will be writing to the address at which the customer receives their bills, so please make sure that if you receive a letter on behalf of a customer, you pass the information on to them. EON has done all it can to make sure customers only get one letter per billing address, however, if some address data in our systems isn’t identical across accounts some customers may receive more than one letter.

EON are not writing to micro business customers as these customers will not receive pass through EMR charges. This includes all customers on a SME product, which EON considers to be micro businesses. Please be aware EON does have an advertising campaign live in SME at the moment which promotes a ‘fixed means fixed’ SME proposition and this may drive some queries.

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